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we got fish...

yep, jim and i got some fishies, a lady from work moved out of her house last weekend, and so she decided to give us her fish. two goldfish, but one of them is like 3 inches! its fat too. so i went out and got 2 more goldfish and a male betta fish. fish are so cool. how can people eat them. ugh. and i know they think and feel cause they get excited when i open the top to put in food, and my male betta only like warm water, when its not warm enough his fins turn redish from stress. but anywa i have some pics of them. yay..

i also threw in one of jim with his new hair cut.. you can barely see it but whatever! im afraid of how bit these pics will be i might have to make them smaller.. sorry if you see this and they are HUGE!

-for the cause
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