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music is fun.
i got the new rainer maria cd.. well i dont know if its new.. or what. called long knives drawn. they kinda have a different sound. im not sure which is better yet. i think the old style.. i dont know though. shes so pretty. ive never seen what she looks like but her voice is just pretty. but anyway. MATES OF STATE! they are my new fav band. joel from thanks for the slow dance told me about them. its like a sister and brother piece and she plays keyboards and he's the drummer. and they have really neat harmonics.

so jim and i are slowly paying off our (his) debt. hopefully by the end of this year it will all be gone.. and he can just work a couple hours a week.. enough to pay rent, until we are ready to travel. where? anywhere.

next friday we're going to longbeach. im excited. i have to take off friday.. well i have to go until about 930ish cause theres an office meeting. it should be fun. we're going with some really cool people.

jim and i are going to go out tonight.. prolly see a movie. cause we havent seen one in like 3 months. (doesnt bug me a bit but jim is really into we're going)

byeby journal.

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