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cherry somethin

we moved the computer because we got a new desk thingy from andy and tera. its nice. so now jim can put back together the other computer so we can both be on at the same time but doing our own thing. cause all the time i want to go on the computer he's doing some web site..

so it will be nice to have my own computer!

jim started a blog. its trendy like livejournal used to be. but live journal is special.. because you need a secret code to have one. that means all us LJers are special. hah.

allan is over here now. playing the gamecube. we got this crazy ass game called ikaruga its like old school fly shoot and dodge bullets. i think he's addicted. its been like 3 hours now or something. dang.

i love jim. he's so great. not a day goes by when i dont think "god im lucky" maybe not lucky.. i dont like that word but... some other word that means something like that.
he's my best friend..
he got some letter in the mail (he used to be in the air force a while back) and they were telling him to be prepared cause they might possibly deploy him or something lame like that. and i just sat there thinking and it was scary to imagine him not being there when i woke up you know. i dont know.. the other night i was thinking that i know its not right to love him more than god.. cause if it werent for god ... you get the picture.. but. i got to thinking and i think that maybe i need to love god more. its so cool. love can be the answer to anything!! im serious.
i dont know what im trying to say. i think that im just saying that i love god and jim
yah thats it...


ok time for some music... i got a polyvinyl comp. its pretty neato. its got rainer maria on it.. coooool.

ok.. goodnight!!

-for the cause
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