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i gave dani her present.
it was like this boob looking pen holder. i jabbed a pen into it a few times so that once it dried... it could hold like 10 pens, but they'd stick out all over the place... so i painted it when i got off work today. i cant really explain what it looked like. i should have taken a picture. oh well. it was neat!

i also made jim a pen holder the other day.. but its a generic like cup type pen holder. but i etched in it a quote from jim "am i a creator or a theif?" its pretty classy. yay.

i told jim that we could go buy him a computer chair. i know he's wanted one for a while. so we went out.. it wasnt that expensive. but her deserved it. he works hard. and doesnt get paid for most of it. but thats why i love him. money isnt really an issue for him...except to get as much of it as he can so we can pay off what we owe, then live simply.

live simply. travel widely.
just came up with that.
i should register it and create tons of bumper stickers.

-on my way to kinkos...
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