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im such a klutz..

ended up playing softball on sunday. after a super long fast throw from the outfield... the ball miss my glove and landed smack on the top of my foot.. with only flip flops on. i thought i'd be ok so i shook it off. i look down about 8 seconds later, and my foots as big as king kongs.. i then thought maybe its best i sit down. they ice me and elevate my foot. so much for going to apex that night. iced it all night long. the bag leaked while we were sleeping and i awoke at 3:47 am to a pool at the foot of my bed. we put down towels. went back to bed. had to get up at 6am for work. that was not fun. working. walking. with what i think is a broken bone. people kept telling me how easily it is to break that bone on the top of your foot. to top that off i have fragile bones anyway. too many of my bones have broke in my journey. it had been a while so i figured for sure it is broke. i couldnt move it or bend it up and down. which led me to believe something was out of place and pinching when i did try and move. but i made it through work. came home at 5pm. fell asleep around 6:30 after that 70s show rerun. and i didnt wake up until about 20 minutes ago. its 12:15... midnightish. now my foot seems to be better. just a big bruise. extremely sore ankle. i can move it a little bit. which makes me think maybe its not broke. maybe my bones strengthened in the past years. my work was supposed to try and take an xray of my foot. because technically its their fault that i dont have insurance yet. i was suposedly effective may 1st. there was way too much confusion about whether it was 30, 60, or 90 days that i was allowed insurance. so now they are denying me insurance. pj is working on it. but as of now i cant go get an xray done unless i want to pay $400. which no. i dont. so someone at my work was supposed to try and take an xray. and a few people were willing to do it. but we had to wait until all patients were gone.. and when it finally came down to it "i have to go.." "its time for me to leave i cant do it now" people dont care as much as they think they do.. or say they do. oh well.

maybe its not broke after all.

maybe im a wimp.

maybe i should go sleep more..?

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