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xnik24's Journal

2 August
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afi, amalgamation, american nightmare, anti-las vegas, apex theory, as i lay dying, at the gates, bane, big bad zero, bjork, bleeding through, boy sets fire, bright eyes, c.s. lewis, caffiene free, calibretto 13, carus, catch 22, cave-in, civil defense 1984, closer to then, converge, cool hand luke, crimethinc., cursive, custom deluexe, darkest hour, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, dead blue sky, decembers end, desaparecidos, dillinger escape plan, dizmas, drug free, earth crisis, eighteen visions, emo, every day life, everytime i die, extol, faded grey, fewleftstanding, figure four, finch, frank peretti, frodus, from autumn to ahses, from autumn to ashes, full house, further seems forever, geggy tah, ghoti hook, god, green, guitar, happy gilmore, hardcore, haste, headnoise, hoodies, hopesfall, hymn from above, ibanez, jack's broken heart, jchc, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, last tuesday, less then jake, liars academy, mercury sky, michigan winter, modest mouse, music, mxpx, no innocent victim, noise ratchet, non leather, nora, now its overhead, one six conspiracy, open hand, outer circle, pedro the lion, planesmistakenforstars, point of recognition, poison the well, pro-life, promise of restoration, radial angel, rainer maria, rancid, reach the sky, saetia, said sadly, saved by the bell, seville, shai hulud, skycamefalling, son ambluance, sorry about dresden, speaking of heroes, starflyer 59, stars, still breathing, straight edge, subsist, sxe, the agency, the anniversary, the assistant, the ataris, the distillers, the faint, the forecast, the juliana theory, the memory, the movielife, thrice, thursday, twothirtyeight, underoath, undying, value pac, vegetarian, vroom, walls of jericho, weezer, yellowcard, you & i, zao