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a week ago today...

my car was hit ... you could call it a hit and run. cause nobody left a note.. nothing.
the previous night i had just gotten back from long beach, ca around 1230, 100am
i went out to my car to go to work around 630am... SOOOO
that same morning the back entrance to our apartments (that always stays locked) was rammed into causing the metal bars to bend out... SOOOOO
between those 5 or so hours, someone hit my car... then proceeded to the back entrance... not realizing that those were METAL poles in front of them... and some how managed to get allll the way back to the entrance.. without anyone hearing or seeing anything.
not even our lovely gate people who think its their job to keep an eye on everything...and have gone so far as to put in a cheap ass gate at the entrance which you need a special key to get in...
NOBODY SAW A THING!!! AND NOW MY CAR SQUEAKS (ya it may be the brakes) BUT THEY WERENT SQUEAKING BEFORE!!! and insurance wont cover it.. cause they dont know who did it.

the only reason i care so much is no because its my car... but because i was hopeing on someday selling it... to help pay off jim and i dont need jobs... or transportation. just the feet on our bodies.

oh well.

we took some pics...

i also decided to throw in a pic that was up on a bilboard across from our apartments.

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