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these are the things i feel

depression occurs too much
can one go a whole day with out being depressed because of someones lack of __Blank__
are these the things i should be worrying about? should i be more sadened when i see someone like that?!
are these the people i need to love
is being depressed because of them loving them
is it valid to take it out on me because i point out the depression
is it valid to even call it taking it out on me.
all punctuation is necessary. except in the thought process.
my poetry is horrible.
this is not poetry
blue popsicles are cold
not blue.
ups and downs.
or attitude
its stubborness
but then its my fault..
everything is a process
learning, growing, realizing.
can one realize without the process.
180 degree turn in zero point five seconds
maybe process comes before the turn
maybe it doesnt need to
maybe the lump behind my ear is gone
my ear itches. i hope the piercing didnt cause the lump
maybe thats right, it was because of the phone
maybe not.
i hope i dont stop breathing one night
due to my not so massive lump
old women and tatooed wedding rings are the best combo for akwardness
along with ex boyfriend's moms.
i want my tatoos.
dont think i want the stars anymore.
too common.
something new

tired. nothing left to say. blue popsicles arent as good as pink ones.
we have to wear pink lab looking coats at work now.
nicole doesnt equal pink

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